1. To advocate for the rights of orphans and Disadvantaged Children. Through supporting their education, by providing safety nets to neglected, abandoned children, supporting sick children especially those infected with HIV/AIDS, Athema, Tuberculosis and other chronic diseases, to address issues of child labor, sexual abuse, defilement, children sacrifice and Support Girl child empowerment programs.
  2. To address Primary Health Care needs and problems among vulnerable communities. Through supporting sexual reproductive health among teenagers and the youth, prevention of early pregnancy, abortion, infanticide and abandonment of children, Prevention and awareness of HIV/AIDS, Supporting Family planning programs, to offer Guidance and counseling.
  3. To support livelihoods of Disadvantaged families through supporting income generating activities to poverty stricken house holds, disabled parents and households catered for by too old people. Supporting people living with HIV/AIDS, Relief supply to disaster stricken house holds, and to provide life skills to the youth and teenage mothers.
  4. Proving A Clean To Community / VILLEGES
  5. Education for Orphans
  6. To address spiritual, social, and psychological problems of vulnerable communities,advocating for Behavior change to fight HIV/AIDS and to address rampant issues of witchcraft and children sacrifice.
  7. <1i> Target Group: The orphans, children infected with HIV/AIDS, abandoned, neglected, children under child labor, teenagers and the youth up to the age of 22 years. Teenage mothers, people living with HIV/AIDS, poverty stricken households e.g households catered for by too old people, the disabled, and disaster stricken households. Beliefs and Values: A freedom for a complete physical, social, spiritual, mental, psychological and economic wellbeing. Gender sensitivity and non discrimination.