The Recruitment team is focused on sourcing professionals and non professionals for our client companies and organizations. We recognize that all jobs are good and the needs of each client are unique and different. In such cases, we give advice to our clients on the most suitable person. In recruiting, we include headhunting and advertisement search basically on radios and newspapers. With management positions, we focus on leadership skills, emotional intelligence and communication skills, apart from technical competencies. We recognize the fact that our client companies and organizations rely on us to identify the best candidates whenever required. With our experienced and trained team, we have developed systems, approaches and processes to deliver quality consistently.


If one seeks to have high caliber individuals with great personalities, skills and competencies to fill critical positions in companies and organizations, our headhunting service should be the best solution. Headhunting is carefully and very effectively done where specialized skills called for, are scarce and the demand is high. We have worked on a number of lower, middle and management recruitment assignments, networking continuously, identified the sources and future prospects, established and nurtured relationships with quality candidates and enriched our potential. All the best is done to understand the client requirements and identify the competencies required for success in the particular position. Our method is highly valuable here. Our understanding of the market and expertise in targeted search approach ensures that we are able to reach the best candidates in the particular industry, within the required timeframe.


Our manpower outsourcing solutions offer organizational flexibility, efficiency, productivity and cost reduction. We provide outsourcing for all types of jobs at different organizational levels. We take over all the administrative responsibilities related to the outsourced personnel. The manpower outsourcing packages can be structured to meet the particular requirements of the client. Our outsourcing services are focused on Quality, Compliance, Employee Engagement and Risk Management as our key elements. As far as Human Resource Outsourcing is concerned, we sub-contract personnel for organizations, offering them organizational flexibility, efficiency, productivity and cost reduction. We are able to provide outsourcing for all functions at different organizational levels. The Human Resource outsourcing packages can be structured to meet particular requirements of the client. The large numbers of our pre-interviewed candidates of all levels allow us to efficiently and effectively mobilize quality manpower as per all necessities with minimum time costs.


The payroll management solutions help our clients to transfer the entire responsibility and risks related to payroll to us. Our payroll services will cover all payables from the entry till exit of an employee. It is ensured that the outsourcing services are focused on salary, benefits computation, remittance of employee net salary, deductions and statutory and tax obligation computations. It is our responsibility that our services also ensure that, confidentiality is maintained when it to comes to staff pay.


Much as we are flexible, our value added approach in designing, developing and delivering training and learning solutions through facilitator-led training and coaching for our job seekers and staff are very strict. Instructions are focused on transferring the skills acquired into actual work environments. Our preparations are interactive and activity based; lectures and presentations are kept to a minimum. The training structure and contents are designed to meet the identified needs. Our focuses on training programmes are inessential areas of Staff motivation skills, People management, Human resource development, Team building, Leadership skills, Management development, Marketing and Sales, Performance appraisal, Career planning, Resilience training, Supervisory skills and Customer services.


We also design and develop performance management systems in line with our client needs, consisting of Goal setting, Performance execution and Monitoring as well as Performance appraisal. We provide appropriate tools and train the managers in setting the individual employee goals. Our performance management system enables the employee and the manager to monitor how the member of staff is performing as compared to the set targets. Regular monitoring of the progress enables the worker and the manager to consider corrective actions where necessary before the performance period is runs out.


Remuneration is a key factor in attraction, motivation and retention of the right talent. It is therefore important to have a clear understanding of the payment levels in the market for determining the positioning of your organization. Our wage surveys provide you with the information necessary to develop an appropriate reward management system. We utilize appropriate data collection methodologies and analyze the data using scientific approaches. The findings are presented in easy-to-understand formats making the process of internalizing the findings and related decision making as straight forward as possible. We have carried out salary surveys for organizations in diverse sectors and industries. These include NGOs, educational institutions, manufacturing industries, and government parastatals. We combine the salary surveys with job evaluation and grading where the clients require a scientific, internally equitable and externally competitive salary structure.


Our Management Consultancy services aim at improving the performance of our clients, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans tailored towards the client's specific business improvement. Our management consulting services include developing strategic plans and business plans, carrying out feasibility studies and policy development. We use appropriate methodologies consistent with the nature and scope of the consultancy assignment. We provide organizational change management assistance, development of training skills, strategy development and operational improvement services.


Our Organizational Development (OD) is a planned top-down organization-wide effort to increase the organizational effectiveness. The objective of OD is to improve the organization's capacity to handle its internal and external functioning and relationships. Our interventions in Organizational design, Job analysis, Job evaluation and grading, Manpower analysis and Development of systems and policies will be based on the specific needs of the client. We review the existing systems, develop new systems and advise client organizations on the time bound implementation